Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seattle: Pike Place Chowder & Falafel King

"Boudin, you suck."

That was the only thing that I kept on thinking about after I tried the clam chowder at the famous Pike Place Chowder.

After walking around Pike Place Market, we decided it was time try the famous Pike Place Chowder. As we walked towards Post Alley, we see a line and we knew we were at the right spot. Since it was raining that day (of course), the line was crazy long and people were braving the weather, standing outside just so they can have clam chowder. Ridiculous. Until I got my chowder.

Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101

People were sitting outside even though it was drizzling and at 50 degrees haha.

AHHH chowders!! Of course they don't just have clam chowder there, and in fact they have up to 8 kinds of soup/chowder most of the time.

Traditional clam chowder. Freaking amazing. Creamy, buttery with lots of chopped up pieces of bacon. Best clam chowder hands down.

Seared scallop chowder. Amazing also. They add lots of dill and lemon in there so even though basic ingredients are simlar, the dill totally changes it up.

Manhattan clam chowder. Good savory tomato-based clam chowder. Usually not a big fan but love the briny flavor. Very hearty.

Shrimp and crab bisque. This was the only soup that I felt like it wasn't up to par as the others.

After having the chowder, we started walking around Pike Place more but I needed something to eat with soup so when we saw Falafel King, I decided to stop and grab something salty. I guess they are known for their falafel since it's in their name and a lot of people do order the falafel but I wanted something smaller like a sandwich so got the gyros instead.

Falafel King
1509 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

falafel king
Menu. Price is decent.

falafel king
Making my gyros. That spice they are sprinkling on is hella good.

falafel king
They use Kronos gyros. Kronos is a company that makes that big lamb/beef mix for restaurants. Better if they made their own but I guess it is hard :P

falafel king
The gyros. It's different since they use a garlic tzatziki sauce rather than the traditional tzatziki. Pretty unique. Nice warm pita too.

Definitely two spots I wouldn't mind going back again, especially Pike Place. In fact, before we went back to LA, we all stopped by Pike Place Chowder again just to have the chowder. We were sad we had to leave hahah. As for Falafel King, definitely will try their falafel but I do have to say, their cashier was just rude. Damn fool.