Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seattle: Le Panier Very French Bakery

So I went to Seattle during the Memorial Weekend with a few friends (Diana, Connie & Mikol) since it was the long weekend, and it's a city that a few of us had wanted to visit. Right after we left from LAX at 6am and arrived in Seattle, we headed straight for Pike Place Market (more on that later) to explore, and being as touristy as we can haha.

Since we didn't really eat breakfast we decided to search for a spot around Pike Place for breakfast as soon as we got there we saw how packed Le Panier was so we went in.

Le Panier Very French Bakery is essentially an European-style bakery and is an extremely popular breakfast spot with over 300 reviews on Yelp with a really really good rating. They have everything from bread, pastries, cookies, pies, and even sandwiches, but most people seem to like their croissants, which is what we got :]

Le Panier Very French Bakery
1902 Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA 98101

le panier very french bakery
Lots of people in front of the bakery.

le panier very french bakery
The moment you walk in, this amazing aroma you would expect from a bakery just hits you. Pretty small location.

le panier very french bakery
Some of their cookies.

le panier very french bakery
Spreads, pastries, and pies.

le panier very french bakery
Glass full of baked goods.

le panier very french bakery
Chocolatine, chocolate croissant with almond cream. It is without a doubt the best croissant I've had. That almond cream makes all the difference.

le panier very french bakery
Good touch with the sliced almonds and powdered sugar. Blows any other croissants away.

le panier very french bakery
Flaky, creamy, buttery, chocolaty. Perfect.

Croissant à la framboise. Croissant filled with raspberry jam. Sweet & tart at the same time.

Both croissants were absolutely delicious and they definitely would go well with a cup of coffee. Seriously one of the best stop in Seattle. I'm glad this was our first stop since it definitely kicked off the trip in the right direction! I seriously wish I can have a chocolatine for breakfast every morning, rather than some pain au chocolate from a major coffee chain hahah.