Friday, January 4, 2013

Saint Louis: Pi Thin Crust & Deep Dish Pizza

When I went back to St. Louis for the 2nd time, I got in late again, but just so happens Pi in Central West End closes fairly late so Diana and I went there for a late late dinner.

Pi is a popular pizza spot with several locations in STL and even one location in Washington DC!  They are famous for their award winning deep and thin crust pizza, and it had been awhile since I had a good deep dish.  First night we tried a thin crust since the special that night came on a thin crust, but I got to order take out the next day and try the deep dish :P

Oh and sorry for the yellow green tint on the photos for the first night.  Forgot to check what setting it was on haha.

400 N Euclid Ave
Central West End
St Louis, MO 63108

garlic bread
Garlic Bread.  It's more of a deconstructed garlic bread.  They give you a loaf of bread, garlic butter, and a whole roasted garlic so you can make your own garlic bread!

baguette and the roasted garlic
Bread with the roasted garlic.

completed garlic bread
Good one Pi.  Smart way of doing less work and make the customer do everything :P  I liked the hands on experience though and can't hate if there's good roasted garlic!

house draft
Needed a beer to relax after the flight and went for the Schlafly Pi Common, which is a California common style beer exclusive to Pi restaurant, brewed by Schlafly.  First time trying a common style beer.  Pretty damn good actually!  Malty.

thin crust
Since we wanted the special of the night, we went for the thin crust.  They allow you to go half and half on the pizza!

South Side Classico
First half, South Side Classico, which is suppose to be a deep dish, but customers can choose to have deep dish made as thin crust and vice versa.

Called the South Side Classico cause it has all the ingredients of a classic Chicago deep dish.

Special of the day: Thin crust pizza with butternut squash puree, balsamic onions, mozzarella, and roasted brussels sprouts.  Ridiculously good and favorite out of all that I tried.  The puree is sweet and the balsamic onions are addicting.  The mozzarella really shines through too since this is a lighter pizza.

deep dish
Went back the next day and ordered a small deep dish to go.  Not big in terms of portion but filling.  It is missing a piece because we stopped by Diana's friend's apartment first and gave him a slice haha.

chunky tomato
Kirkwood, with mozzarella, Italian meatballs of hormone-free pork & beef, red peppers, and basil.  Love the chunky tomato sauce.

East Loop, with mozzarella, pesto, roasted chicken, mushrooms, and onions.  Another tomato-less pizza.  Nice herbaceous pesto!

A bit expensive, considering the portions, but you can really tell all the ingredients are top notch!  Never would've thought that I would like a pizza with butternut squash puree too haha.  If I lived in STL, I'd probably eat at Pi at least once a week :P