Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Tokyo: Sushi-Gen Revisited

Sorry for the lack of updates but been busy with work, but good thing is I just got back from Philadelphia, so I'll be posting about the trip later on.

First, for Mother's Day this year, sister and I decided to take the family here since my mom is a huge fan of sashimi and tempura, which makes Sushi-Gen the perfect place, with their dinner sets. Since we ordered the dinner sets, many of the things are similar to the post I made last time (here), with a few new pics, so won't be going into that much detail this time!

422 E 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sushi Gen dinner menu.

How thoughtful. They give you moist towelette!

pickled cabbage
Sunomono. Pickled cabage.

chilled rice noodle
Another sunomono, with noodle, cucumber, and seaweed. Thought it was pickles last time haha :P

small sashimi
Sashimi from the tempura dinner set. Tuna, hamachi, and whitefish

tempura set
Tempura set. They give you A LOT. Shrimp, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato etc. It was awesome looking. My mom was super happy with it haha.

tempura & rice
The tempura that came with sashimi set.

Very puny portion compared to the tempura set.

But sashimi set gets this!!!

tuna & saba
Saba & tuna.

spicy tuna & crab
Crab & spicy tuna. Still the best spicy tuna around.

magoro, salmon
Magoro (fatty tuna) and broiled salmon.

konjac, squid, tuna, egg
Squid, tuna, konjac, & egg omelette.

hamachi kama
This was what I forgot to take a pic last time... hamachi kama!!! I LOVE fish collar so I was devastated last time when I found out I forgot. Not this time!

sushi gen
I love that char on the skin. So fatty and delicious :P

As usual, Sushi-Gen was popping so we had to wait about a little over an hour on a Saturday night (celebrated Mother's Day early), but it was worth it!