Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vancouver: Japadog, the Perfect Snack after Biking - Day 2

For Day 2 of our stay in Vancouver, we had all the touristy things lined up, like bike riding through Stanley Park and visiting the Capilano Bridge, so rather than going to a sit-down place for breakfast, we decided to go to McDonald. Of course, even in Canada, the menu for McDonald is different and to be honest, I actually like their breakfast more.

On the way to McDonald, we saw Santouka Ramen! Santouka is a famous chain from Japan specializing in Hokkaido-style ramen. There's several locations in SoCal but never expected one in Vancouver, and so close to our hotel!

McDonald. I seem to only eat McDonald when I travel haha.

My egg, bacon & cheese bagel sandwich combo. Yes, bagel sandwich.

How come we don't have egg, bacon & cheese bagel sandwich in the states! It's good and the bagel is pretty chewy. The size is about the same as a biscuit. McDonald in Canada is more expensive though.

IMG_5266.JPG IMG_5248.JPG
IMG_5287.JPG IMG_5334.JPG
After McDonald, we each rented bikes and began a 3mile bike ride around Stanley Park, which is actually bigger than Central Park in NYC. Part of the park actually borders the ocean so it's pretty neat to ride around. There's also a place where a few First Nation totem poles sit, and First Nation is essentially the region's natives.

After the bike ride, we were on our way to try out a really famous food cart in Vancouver, but first I saw La Boulangerie Cafe, which is a small bakery on the famous Burrad St. in Vancouver and decided to make a small stop.

Went for the almond croissant. I love how almonds cover the top of the croissants. Not as buttery as I liked though. Around $2 for one, so it's kinda pricey, but I had to at least try some sort of bakery in Vancouver :P


JapaDog Cart (Burrad St. Location)
899 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K6

Now, Japadog is essentially Vancouver's most popular street food. They fuse Japanese flavors and ingredients with all sorts of different hot dogs for their awesome creations. Sorta like... LA's Kogi with Korean & Mexican, except JapaDog is Japanese & American fused together.

There's many locations sprinkled throughout Vancouver and each place has their own menu. Most are the same with a few special items that you can only get at that specific location.

We ended up getting four JapaDogs to share.

Wanna know what a dog would taste like if you apply okonomiyaki toppings and tonkatsu sauce to it? Then the Okonomi dog is your answer. Okonomiyaki is essentially a Japanese pancake with bonito flakes, mayo, cabbage, and the special sauce. They used the same toppings to create that taste on a pork hot dog. It's savory, vinegary and the bonito flakes adds a great deal of flavor!

Yakisoba is their new creation and it is essentially yakisoba noodles piled on top of a hot dog. If you're a fan of the sauces for yakisoba, you'll love this.

Kurobuta Terimayo dog is from their popular terimayo menu and it's... Kurobuta pork hot dog with sweet mayo and teriyaki sauce then topped with a little seaweed. What a quintessential Japanese hot dog! And yes, taste exactly like what you're imagining right now. As for Kurobuta, it is a breed of pork and can be considered as the Kobe beef of pork (boo sorry I didn't realize the lens wasn't focused).

Negi miso is a turkey dog with a miso glaze. Personally I thought it was amazing. The dog isn't too fatty and the miso glaze is wonderful. However, it being a turkey dog, it does have a weird bite and softer texture that you wouldn't expect from a hot dog.

After we finished, I liked it so much and decided to order another dog, the Oroshi, which is actually my favorite. Rather than pork hot dog, it's bratwurst so it's extremely juicy, since bratwurst is naturally fattier. They add grated daikon radish and squirts their special soy sauce, then topped with green onions. Bratwurst by itself would be pretty heavy but the daikon radish definitely cuts into the heaviness. A very Japanese-eque dog.


I pretty much had two hot dogs so by the time I finished and nothing is worse than food coma hitting you when you are traveling, so after resting a bit at a Starbucks nearby, we set off towards North Vancouver for the world's longest suspension bridge, Capilano Bridge.