Friday, September 24, 2010

San Francisco: Nick's Crispy Tacos

I love tacos. I love fish.

When I heard there was a taco place with over 1400+ reviews on Yelp and still with a high rating, it immediately jumped to the top of the list for me for places to go, and luckily, right before my flight, we had some free time so went to Nick's Crispy Tacos.

I ended up ordering 3 tacos to try: grilled fish, fried fish, and shrimp with all of them "crispy". So what does it mean to get "crispy" tacos? For all tacos they give you two tortillas, like those street tacos. However, for "crispy," they fry one of the tortilla, so you get this great contrast in texture, and they also add this huge huge glob of creamy guac on top. Delicious.

To get it "crispy," it is around $4-6 per taco. Expensive in the world of tacos but these tacos are bigger than usual and are piled up... so it's worth it. Two will FOR SURE fill you up, but I had to get three :P

Nick's Crispy Tacos
1500 Broadway (between Polk St & USHighway 101)
Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA 94109

sf labor day 2010

sf labor day 2010
Kinda tacky logo haha.

sf labor day 2010
Their red and green salsa. Not that spicy but the red had a strong chipotle flavor and the green salsa was very refreshing.

sf labor day 2010
See the "crispy" fried tortilla on the inside of the two tortillas layer? GENIUS.

sf labor day 2010
Shrimp taco. Best eaten without any salsa and get that shrimp flavor :]

sf labor day 2010
Fried fish taco, which turned out to be my favorite. Great large piece of fried fish with a really light and refreshing cream sauce. Add some of their house salsa and I'm in taco heaven. Don't know if it's beer battered but man that fish batter was good.

sf labor day 2010
Grilled fish taco. Definitely the healthier option and really good too. Fish is marinated really well and for sure they don't try to jip you. Nice creamy dose of guac on top.

Great place to grab food. They also have a bar so you can get beer or the drink of your choice to go with the food. I heard the quesedillas are out of this world and didn't opt for any meat this time since I was craving seafood but for sure must try next time!

Grab a Mexican Coke or cerveza, a few tacos, and enjoy :]

PS. apparently it's a club/lounge at night so the place can feel a little groggy and sticky...