Monday, September 20, 2010

San Francisco: Mission Beach Cafe

Seriously... San Francisco is crazy about brunch. Almost all the restaurants serve brunch and almost all are packed beyond belief. Origanlly planned to go to a place called Lime, we had to change our plans cause the wait was gonna be 2 freaking hours long. After a bit of research, we decided on Mission Beach Cafe in Mission, and man... one of the most delicious brunch I've had.

Oh and had to wait over 45minutes here too. Craziness.

Mission Beach Cafe
198 Guerrero St. (between Brosnan St & 14th St)
Mission, San Francisco, CA 94103

sf labor day 2010
Didn't opt for the HUGE glass of mimosa and got a cup of the single drip Blue Bottle Coffee instead.

sf labor day 2010
Lavender Infused French Toast with fresh strawberries, banana, honey marscapone, and bourbon syrup. Generally not a big fan of lavender but wow did it transform the french toast. French toast by itself was good but the thick slices of bread, most likely brioche, and the honey marscapone totally sends this over the top.

sf labor day 2010
Caramelized Peppered Bacon. Yes, must get bacon for breakfast. And yes, it is bacon coasted with sugar then caramelized. Too good.

sf labor day 2010
Meat quiche with mixed baby greens. It's also available in a vegetarian option... but c'mon.. meat all the way :]

sf labor day 2010
Dungeness Crab Benedict with avocado, hollandaise, with an orange reduction, and potatoes. Everything tasted fresh and light, especially the crab. Great hollandaise sauce and the orange reduction is unsung hero here!

sf labor day 2010
Do you like truffle? Yes? Then get this: Wild Mushroom Benedict with spinach, caramelized onions, truffle mornay sauce, and potatoes. It's a little heavy but damn the truffle sauce is good beyond words. As for the caramelized onions, I could probably each a plate of that by itself.

Mission Beach Cafe is now officially one of my favorite restaurants. It's small and quaint but everything is done well. Service was also great here which definitely made it a pleasant experience. Now... time to find an excuse to go back up to SF and try their dinner menu.