Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taipei: Snacking around [Oct 2013]

Taiwanese breakfast Taiwanese breakfast Taiwanese breakfast.  That's all I could think about when I landed.  However, it was late at night, so I got to my aunt's, changed, and somehow fell asleep while thinking about that fantuan.

Surprisingly not much jetlag so when I woke up, it was close to 10am already, and there still was a line when I got to Yung Ho for breakfast.

Masters at work, making the sesame bread and the youtiao!

2013-10-22 19.08.31
My egg wrapped fan tuan.  There's probably 10+ pictures of this same thing here already, but who cares, I love it.  

2013-10-22 19.08.22
Decided to splurge a little and got the turnip cake.  Perfect with a bit of soy sauce.

2013-10-22 19.14.10
Hmmm perfection.

2013-10-23 14.52.18
After breakfast, I was just about to head out to explore, then I saw an old man selling some zhuabing (hand-grabbed green onion cake), so I had to get it.  With egg of course.

2013-10-22 23.59.39
清玉, which is a "new" chain known for their lemon drinks.  They are not that new, but new to me :P  Oolong milk tea just to check it out.  A little bit sweet, even at half sugar.

2013-10-23 03.24.10
Needed to get some work done so went to Cafe Trouve near 師大.  Recommended by Cyeh and Diana Cheng haha.  I guess there's lots of these homey, hipster cafes popping up in Taipei now!

2013-10-23 03.23.17
Iced latte.

2013-10-23 05.50.17
Why not some beef noodle soup?  Decided to try 龍泉街牛肉麵.  Pretty packed when I went.  There's also some awards displayed that they won from the Beef Noodle Festival.

2013-10-23 05.39.01
How does it compare?  Not too bad!  The soup's lighter even though it looks quite oily.  Beef brisket is pretty cooked.  I liked the tendon a lot more though.  The preserved greens were whatevers.

2013-10-23 05.38.39
Hot spring egg.  Ordered it on the side.  Definitely Japanese influenced.  Essentially a poached egg with a light soy sauce.  I just added it to the beef noodle soup haha.

2013-10-23 06.50.25
So while I was walking back from 師大 to 科技大樓, I saw a frying stand, so had to stop by and get some late night snack.  Picked up an oolong milk tea too haha.

2013-10-23 06.51.16
Popcorn chicken and pig's blood!  The cool thing about this spot is that they add garlic.  Lots of it!  Pretty generous with the basil too.

2013-10-23 06.53.27
Garlic goodness :]

Coming up: my day trip to Yilan, Taiwan!


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