Sunday, August 26, 2012

West LA: Blockheads & Kogi

I bought these Google Offer to Kogi, the food truck, a few months ago, and never got a chance to use it.  Finally made up my mind to head out to Sawtelle, since the Rosita truck was actually gonna be there around 10pm.  Convinced Leonard to go with me so we went after work and ball!

We got there a bit early though so we decided to grab some dessert first at Blockheads!

Blockheads Shavery
11311 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Black sesame + red bean + rice cakes!

black sesame
Black sesame is probably my favorite flavor at Blockheads.  It tastes just like the black sesame rice cakes!

red bean & rice cake
Red bean is not too sweet and not too mushy.  Perfect with the nutty black sesame.

green tea
Leonard's green tea + red bean + walnut

After we finished, the truck did arrive with a long line... but dinner time!

Kogi BBQ
All over LA

kogi truck
The truck.  Too bad this is their "catering truck" and the guy handling the money was not "trained" to take Google Offers.  Psh... still ordered though.

My Blackjack Quesedilla and 2 tacos!

blackjack quesedilla
Seriously my favorite item on Kogi's menu!  Love the salsa verde with the spicy pork.

short rib & spicy pork tacos
My short rib & spicy pork tacos.  Spicy pork is still my favorite out of the two haha.

sweet chili chicken quesedilla
Leonard's Sweet Chili Chicken Quesedilla.  The sweet chili sauce is usually on the calamari tacos but it is used on the chicken quesedilla here.  Kogi's actually taking this off the menu soon.

calamari taco
Calamari taco with the sweet chili sauce.  Another causality of the menu change that will be coming soon.  (Sorry for the blurry pic... hand was all messy from the tacos :P)

Been awhile since I've had Kogi and the tacos are still very tasty.  The Blackjack Quesedilla was a bit mushier than what I remembered or maybe it was because I didn't eat it fast enough?  Glad to try the two items that will be off the menu soon too, but I can see why they are taking it off.  The sweet chili sauce is good but not good enough to want to make me order them over other items.

Since I still didn't use my Google Offer for Kogi, time to hunt down the truck once again!


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