Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Los Angeles: "D" of BLD

BLD is this very very popular breakfast & brunch spot in Mid-City.  Funny thing is BLD actually stands for "Breakfast Lunch Dinner" and I didn't know they serve dinner, since all I hear is how good their breakfast & brunch is.  I figured... dinner's gotta be pretty good too so I took a chance with it when Gilt City had a offer for BLD!

In case you don't know, Gilt City is Gilt Groupe's Groupon-esque site, except rather than offering a discount, most of the time for restaurants it is a set price for a prix fixe menu, and the offer for BLD was dinner for two, with two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, and a bottle of wine!  Pretty awesome deal in my eyes :P

7450 Beverly Blvd
Mid-City West, West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA 90036

"D" for dinner!

fuso barbera
We went with the Fuso Barbera for our free bottle of wine.

Young, a little bit fruity.

spanish tuna tartare
For my appetizer, I went with the Spanish Tuna Tartare.  Beautiful presentation.

It sorta tasted like.... spicy tuna to be honest haha.  The paprika aioli was a nice touch for that extra kick.

fried green olives
At first I thought these were small falafels, but it is actually fried green olives!  Salty crunchy goodness.

citrus salad
Diana went with the Citrus Salad.  I knew she would go for this as soon as I saw it haha.  Many tables also ordered this, and yup, all ladies.

Lots of different types of citruses.  Grapefruits, oranges, pomelos are the more prominent ones.  Very light & refreshing!

braised beef short rib
I went with their popular Braised Short Rib for my entree.  It is this huge piece of short rib that sits on top of Anson Mills grits.

parmesean crisp
Awesome huge piece of parmesean crisp!

short rib
Super tender short rib sitting in tasty tomato beef jus.  Fresh arugula is nice for that peppery flavor.

buttermilk fried
Diana's Country Fried Chicken with honey glaze.  Our favorite of the night. Perfectly fried and seaoned chicken that's moist. The honey glaze definitely makes the chicken even better.

mac & cheese
Mac & cheese.

collared greens
Collared greens.

malted chocolate ice cream sandwich
For dessert, we went with the malt chocolate ice cream sandwich.  It's hard to say no to creamy ice cream between two warm chocolate chip cookies :P

banana cream pie
Banana Cream Pie.  Perfect dessert for the banana lover!  Not really for me but I did like the brownie crust haha.

For our first Gilt City experience, it was a good one, except there were few blemishes by BLD though.  We found a few pieces of fish scale in the tuna tartare, and we even found a hair in the mac & cheese!! To their credit, they did correct everything pretty fast and service was good.

Next time, I want to check out their breakfast & brunch offerings since that's what they are really known for!


Linh N. said...

Awesome photos, looking forward to your brunch visit!