Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cabin Cookin'

I love to board. Been boarding for quite a few seasons now so I always try to plan a boarding trip or at least attend a trip. To me, staying in a cabin, cooking, and eat with a good group of friends is one of the best part of the trip! It's always interesting too, because depending on the group I go with, the type of food changes, dramatically. Right at the beginning of 2012, I was able to go on two snowboarding trips and it is the perfect example of how two different group of friends eat so differently!

First trip I went to Big Bear and booked a cabin for 7 of us. If you're into snowboarding, Big Bear is not exactly the ideal destination, but it is close to SoCal and less troublesome in terms of travel time, which also meant we were more flexible in bringing up the items we wanted to eat and we decided to go the Korean/Mexican route. The drive is only two-three hours so we weren't afraid of food spoiling during the travel time so there was no problem hitting up a Korean market and a Mexican meat market! Here's just a little of what we made:

dinner prep
Prepping for dinner. Lighting at the cabin was HORRIBLE... so some of the pictures might be blurry :P

Glimpse of our dinner table hahah.

Three Koreans in the group so of course we had kimchi :D

carne asada
Carne Asada from La Venadita, which is this awesome Mexican meat market in Carson. It's always a must whenever we gather for any occasion. Comes marinated and ready to be cooked!

carne asada w/ guac & salsa verde
Add some guac, some salsa verde... and that is one bomb carne asada taco :]

ramen salad
Made some ramen salad, using the same recipe from the Thanksgiving dinner.

Rather than getting marinated mean, we got a ton of chadol, aka brisket from Korean bbq, and just pan fried it since we didn't have a griddle. Still just as good! We actually also made pork belly but... we killed it before I remembered to take a picture of it haha.

breakfast of champs
For breakfast, we had a lot of food leftover so we decided to continue on and add a few more items :P

chadol for breakfast
More brisket with sesame oil for breakfast :P

kimchi fried rice
Since we had rice left from the night before, decided to make one of my favorite, kimchi fried rice! Even the Koreans said "not bad" :P

chadol omelette
Since we still had some brisket left over, decided to toss it in and made a chadol omelette!! That's definitely a first for me haha.


The next weekend, I took off for Tahoe with a quick stop in SF (next post). Like I mentioned, the food brought and cooked all depends on the dynamic of the group. This time around, the group had no Koreans and we were all guys (8 of us) so you can imagine what type of food we brought along hahah. Also, we weren't too familiar with the Folsom, where we stopped for food, so we went crazy at Costco, buying tons of frozen food, while others stopped by Harris Ranch on the way from LA and picked up some bombtastic steaks.

Filets cooking on the grill.

harris ranch rib eye
Beautiful piece of Harris Ranch rib eye! We actually bought these from the actual location of the ranch, although you can find Harris Ranch beef at Gelson, Sprout's, and higher end specialty markets. I've even seen Harris Ranch burger patties before at Costco :P

rib eye & filet
Dinner: Harris Ranch filet mignon & rib eye.

After we let it rest so the juices won't flow out, Jimmy carved it up so it is easier to share. Perfectly cooked.

beautifully done
Damn that's pretty.

steamed fish
Jimmy & Edwin went fishing before we left for Tahoe and they even caught two fresh bass!

Small, but damn it was fresh and tasty.

cooking breakfast
Edwin, one of the cooks of the weekend, making eggs for breakfast.

maple cured bacon
Maple cured bacon from Costco. Must be one of the best bacon I've had.

caramelized onions
Caramelized onions in bacon fat.

sausage breakfast style
I found some Aidells Habanero Pepper Jack Sauasages at Costco, so we grilled it up and served it as breakfast sausages. I wanted my breakfast items together, so got a hot dog bun, added a fried egg, the sausage, and some pepper jack cheese!

with BBQ sauce
Then I added a piece of bacon with caramelized onions cooked in bacon fat and Sugar Ray's BBQ sauce. What a perfect breakfast sausage :D BTW if you've never had Sugar Ray's BBQ, GET IT. They have it at Ralph's. It was and still is my college roommates and my favorite!

Of course gotta have eggs for breakfast. I think we killed 4 dozen eggs that weekend :P

I'm actually sad cause when I was looking through my camera I realized I completely forgot to take pictures of the dinner on night two and the breakfast when we made breakfast burgers! I'll admit... I wasn't exactly sober on night two and my excuse for forgetting to take pics of the breakfast burgers was cause we still had to clean up the place before we left at 11am :P

The snow sucked this year... really hard, but at least ate well for both trips, and good food with good friends always result in an awesome trip!


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that spread is amazing, what's a breakfast burger, lika locomoco? Nice... very nice!