Monday, March 7, 2011

Lake Tahoe: Red Hut Cafe

Fresh pow! No, not really. Sadly the weekend I went to Tahoe this winter with Ben, Ahrhan, Justin, and Frank turned out to be one of the warmest week in NorCal. Boarded Saturday and guess what, freaking snows overnight so on Sunday, Tahoe was covered by a white and pristine blanket of snow. Lame.

Of course coming to Tahoe meant that I had to try something that's a little unique, and ended up going to Red Hut Cafe in South Tahoe. Red Hut Cafe is actually a really really popular breakfast/brunch place and it has done so well that there is actually 3 locations in and around Tahoe. There's even a new swanky location close to Heavenly but we decided to go to the original, located just a little bit south of South Tahoe. Again, thanks to Carolyn for pointing this spot out!

Red Hut Cafe
2723 Lake Tahoe Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

red hut cafe
Small spot.

red hut cafe
The OG Red Hut.

History of Red Hut (click to enlarge).

The breakfast menu! I really wanted to try everything.

Since 1959. Crazy.

french toast w/ sausage
After around 15minutes, I finally decided on the French Toast with sausages. Thick slices of toasts with this awesome egg batter. So simple but man it was good. Perfect with the breakfast sausage as well.

waffle sandwich
The Waffle Sandwich, which comes with eggs, sausages or bacon, and a piece of waffle. Perfectly cooked sunny side up. Ben expected the thick Belgian waffles but I actually prefer these style of waffles more. Would've been even better it it was crisped a little more like Roscoe's.

Strawberries, not fresh since not in season, for Justin's sweet tooth. Perfect with waffles, pancakes, or French toasts.

One of their most famous, The Usual. So many people order it that they just call it the Usual. 2 eggs, hasbrowns, and biscuit & gravy. This is what you call hearty. I love the white savory gravy and can't imagine eating this every morning but man it was good.

I love the whole history and the feel of this place. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for breakfast foods. Even though it's nothing special, Red Hut does what they are known for real well and definitely coming back here next winter!