Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Los Angeles: Bacaro LA

When I saw a deal for Bacaro LA, I sorta just jumped on the deal since wine bars tend to be pricey, and what a perfect chance for me to explore more wine bars around LA! It's a small wine bar near USC in Downtown. Not the best neighborhood but the place is popping with an hour wait on a weekday when I went! Good for them I guess, bad for my stomach.

Thanks to Groupon, I'm now spending way more than I should. But at the same time, Groupon has also brought me to places that I would probably never look for, so I forgive you Groupon.

Bacaro LA
2308 S Union Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007

wine board
One side of the wall is chalkboard and they write the wines they are currently carrying. Pretty cool.

bottle ceiling
They also created a bottle ceiling with empty bottles! Good use of them haha.

The small bar. The place itself is small so I'd so they make pretty good use of space here.

cab & port 2
Our wines that we started off with: Poderi San Lazzaro "Polesio" Sangiovese 2008 and the Kopke White Port. I'm a huge fan of all Sangiovese and the white port was interesting. On the sweet side.

Their logo. I love how it is in the shape of a bottle.

Menu. Decided to go for the 3 tapas for $19 option. It's pricey but meh, go Groupon!

citrus chili prawns
Poached shrimp with citrus chili sauce, shaved radish, parsley & basil. It's a cold dish so it's a bit weird at first but it is good. The citrus chili sauce gave it a little bit of kick and overall tasted very refreshing.

pan seared scallops
Pan-seared scallop with carrot puree, caramelized fennel. Favorite of the night! Didn't know you could caramelize fennel like that. Couldn't really taste carrot in the puree but definitely added sweetness. Great dish.

Grilled margherita pizza. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, and good crust is all you need for a good margherita.

margherita pizza
Their tomato sauce had a lot of garlic, which I loved. Wish there was more basil though, but then again I'm a basil fanatic :P

prosciutto & baguette
Decided to order another and went for the prosciutto di Parma. Came with salted soft butter and baguettes. Very simple plate but cured meats and wine just go so well together!

baguette together
Spread a little of that salted soft butter, add a slice or two of the prosciutto = happiness :]

Overall, the place is pretty neat, and has a cozy feel to it once the place quieted down a bit and people started to leave. It's a good place to have a catch up session with an old friend or just for happy hour after work. I'm for sure coming back for happy hour and trying out a few other tapas!